CargoNizer Logistics Inc.

The challenges of industrial solutions

In industry, the drivers behind exciting opportunities also create challenges that must be dealt with seamlessly. CargoNizer Logistics understands that the on-time delivery of undamaged goods must be achieved, cost-effectively, each and every time. We partner with companies like yours to provide solutions that meet the specific challenges you face, reduce costs by optimizing the supply chain, and ensure that you have the time you need to focus on your business.


Global Control Tower

Our Global Control Tower approach provides complete operational, tactical and strategic control throughout the supply chain, and our eSolutions allow proactive quality control and real-time tracking and tracing all the way down to part and Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) numbers. We also give you one-stop shopping and global pricing with a simple rate structure, maximizing your control every step of the way.


Teams dedicated to your industry

CargoNizer Logistics is strategically located across the world with teams committed and dedicated to industrial solutions. Our superior account management and strong network can match the needs of even the largest global companies, and you will always have a direct line to somebody who knows your business and who knows what is going on.


A total industrial solution tailored to your needs


We will focus on your specific requirements. On the supply side, we will work with procurement and production to ensure smooth factory operations. On the delivery side, we will enhance your reputation through logistics solutions that stay in tune with market forces. Our Cost Analysis Tool to can highlight potential process improvements across your supply chain, which can lower your overall costs considerably. You will receive a customized solution based on your evolving real-time scenarios, from a partner who understands the challenges your industry faces.

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